It is covered by fur on one side and with different types of textures, such as towel, velvet, and leather, on the other side. These textures are very important to kids as they provide natural calming effects and fur helps in sound and cozy sleep. Like a firm hug, weighted blanket helps kids feel secure, grounded and safe. It also reduces stress and anxiety.

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How to use it?
– The kid can lie under the blanket while sleeping or can wrap around the shoulders while sitting
– The blanket should fit length and weight measurements of the kid. A blanket that is too wide or long for your child’s mattress may make it feel heavier than is appropriate because it will hang over the sides of the mattress. The weighted blanket should be placed on child’s bed while tucking her in. The blanket shouldn’t be wrapped around her body; she should pull it over herself according to her convenience. The kid should be able to remove the blanket by herself; if the blanket is too heavy then it shouldn’t be used.
Customizations possible:
– Weight contained
– Dimensions
– Textures
– Proposed customizations will be considered


The should wrap developed by our team is sturdy and kids’ friendly. It is fun to hold and can be carried anywhere as a toy.

  • It needs to be put around the shoulder for calming effects and to increase attention span
  • For reducing excessive fidgeting
  • Contains aluminium which makes sound when kids play with the toy
  • It also has a ball with spiky textures which again provides sensation to the kid and shines and makes squeaky sounds when pressed.
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Customizations possible:
– Weight contained
– Proposed customizations will be considered


The way we have designed it, the jacket is unobtrusive and comfortable, and looks like a regular jacket that can be worn anywhere. The weights are inconspicuously tucked inside the interior pockets
– The jacket has calming effects and helps kids with autism, ADHD and sensory processing disorder
– Very much suitable to Indian weather in contrast to everything available in the market
– Uniform weight distribution in the jacket makes it easier to carry and can be worn like a normal jacket

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Customizations possible:
– Weight contained
– Season appropriateness
– Dimensions
– Proposed customizations will be considered


It is used for attention and sensory issues. It is to be placed on a child’s lap at mealtimes, at school, whilst traveling and at social events. The child is able to sit still and avoids fluttering behavior
– Helps people with sensory issues and ADHD
– Portable and attractive. Also, leather, velvet and/or towel textures are used to make the lap cushion more soothing and comfortable for the child
– The material we use is very strong and makes the jacket easily washable
– Using the zip, weights can be easily modified

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Customizations possible:
– Weight adjustable
– textures
– dimensions


It provides deep pressure input to forearms and at the same time increases kinesthetic feedback and sensory awareness. These unique hand weights are made of durable denim fabric and the weight is uniformly distributed. Being adjustable, hand-weights are a great tool for proprioceptive input to assist fine motor skills


Sensory friendly clothing does away with all the troubles and discomforts coming with regular clothing. Additionally, it provides sensory input and deep calming pressure. Comfortable dressing experience is guaranteed as there are no hooks or zips.


Colored flashcards help in visual learning especially for kids which have language and speech difficulties. It is one of the best educational resources with clear images which can not be misinterpreted. The flash cards are visually appealing and using the images, kids can learn how to communicate better and faster. For comprehensive learning, flash cards consist of:
Emotions ■ Kitchen Items ■ Bathroom Items ■ Vehicles/Transport ■ Clothing ■ Food ■ Vegetables ■ Fruit ■ Animals ■ Furniture ■ Outside Items ■ School & Preschool Items (commonly used words and verbs, school supplies, adjectives, orientation) ■ Months ■ Holidays ■ Numbers and amounts ■ Adjectives ■ Orientation ■ Household Items ■ Toys ■ Daily schedule ■ People in life (you can send your images) ■ Manners


The estimated cost of communication booklet is Rs.2000. This comprises of a complete booklet with removable flash cards with the images mentioned above. The order can be changes according to one’s priorities. Extra paper, pen and special glue are provided with the same along with a dry erase board. This booklet is placed in an attractive folder with removable papers and is easy to carry.


A kid can learn faster if she speaks while observing herself in the mirror. If the guardian wants to let the child practice independently then the mirror (acrylic mirror sheet) we provide is an excellent choice because it is unbreakable and hence, can be handed over to the child when no one is there to monitor.